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1-GASMASKS-NBC sells only the #1, highest rated, Gas Masks available. Many WEB sites today are selling any kind of Gas Mask they can get their hands on from Korea, China, Poland, and who knows where! We offer only #1 rated Military and Civilian Gas Masks. In some cases there are leadtimes to get our M95 Military Mask or our AV2000 Civilian Mask, due to high demand. You may have to wait a little bit, but that is better than ordering an untested mask, one not specified by our military or our civilian fire and police agencies, which may or may not be immediately available to you anyway by the other WEB sales.

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M95 is the military designation for the military gas mask purchased by the US military. The M95 is designed to filter out the known nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC) contaminants used today. It is the most highly rated Gas Mask available, tested to military specs, and is unique in its dual goggle eye pieces. The M95 can be ordered in Adult or Small sizes, with or without Drink Tube and Drink Canteen. Please go to our mask page for selection and pricing.

The AV2000 is specified for use by fire and police agencies, used by 90% of all fire and police stations in the USA. It is said to have a more comfortable fit than the M95, can be ordered in Adult and Small Sizes, but is not offered with a Drink Tube/Canteen accessories. The AV2000 uses the same filter canister as the M95, and is equally effective in its filtering NBC contaminants for your protection. Please go to our masks page for selection and pricing.

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